I'm in the process of going through configuration for Mandrake Gnome's interface on install. It isn't detecting my Ne1000/2000 clone PCMCIA network card correctly.. It tries autoprobe, fails and then asks me for 3 options :- io(1-4i), irq (1-4i) and bad(1-4i).

funny thing is, previosuly when it booted to $ it ran internet perfectly fine. I don't want to break the configuration process for gnome right now by going to $ so i am hoping someone here can look at their NE2/1000 settings and tell me what they r using for those 3 thingies.

I know what io and irqs are. But i do not know what bads or 4is are. So 3 settings I need :-

io(1-4i), irq (1-4i) and bad(1-4i)

My pc is a Toshiba generic p200mmx laptop clone. The network card is just a NE2/1000 clone pcmcia.