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    Would there be a way for me to find out what programs are running through the shell ?? And is there a command to execute a program while in the shell ?? I am very new to all of this so If you could just bear with me it would be much apreciated. Thank you... If you can help me out with this you are god because no one else can tell me how to do this !

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    I can't seem to remember what the command is to get a list of all the runing processes. However, there is a GUI app which allows you to see all the running processes. Goto Start Button Equivalent -> System -> Monitoring and select either KDE System Guard or GNOME System Monitor.

    to execute a program, just type its name e.g. to execute konqueror, type konqueror & into a terminal and konqueror will launch as a background application (The & tells it to launch as a background operation).

    See here for Apache setup details :

    See here for starting Apache:

    See here for any other Apache docs:

    See here for a tutorial about Apache security:

    Hope this helps, oh and btw, I am not God. i wish I were, but I am not.

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