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    Unable to connect to internet via router

    I am new to Linux.
    I am running Mandrake 9.1
    I have a dual boot system with also windows xp.
    I am using an ADSL wired router to connect to the internet via a lan.
    I have no problems at all connecting using windows XP but cannot get it to work using Mandrake.
    According to the setup wizzard the lan and adsl are connected but when an attempt is made using web browser it says location not reachable.
    I have also used a live cd version of linux (slax) and the internet connection works fine.
    Why am I unable to connect using Mandrake?
    Please help I have spent the last 3 days trying to work this out!

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    I assume that your router is also acting as a DHCP server and you have also configured your ethernet card correctly. Then goto the MCC and goto networking and tell it that the conection to internet is via the router address.

    Also as root, type ifconfig and get your IP address.

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    I had an issues like this with 8.1, it turned out that I have checked both ADSL and LAN boxes, when I switched to LAN only, the system worked.


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    I had issues just like this too. I found out that it was because I had no DNS IP addresses configured for my Network Card. All I did was access the settings and enter them (usually 3 separate IP adresses) for each DNS and it worked.

    To get these IP addresses for DNS first I had to telephone the people at the ISP I was using and ask them what they were.

    It might work in Windows XP ok. but that's just Windows. With it being Linux it requires these things because it's a lot different. Unless it's something else you've missed during setup then I bet you it's the same thing that happened to me. It certainly sounds like it

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    Thanks for all your help and advice.
    I now have it working.
    I had it set to static IP and hadn't ticked the DHCP box.
    That's the firt problem out the way.
    Now i can get learning!

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    Hi there,

    I have the same network setup like guadalmina has (i.e. a LAN and an ADSL modem) with a difference that I am using MDK 10.1.
    I'm having problems commecting to the internet too, somehow i managed to set the network well, i ping my other computer together with the modem and they both reply back, so the network setting is fine. I also managed to configure my ADSL modem from a web browser.
    The only problem is that when I go set a new ADSL connection, MDK gives me a fairly short list of foreign ISPs which none of them work (I am from Malta).
    Is there a way to get round this?

    Thanks in advance.

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