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    Mandrake Online vs Thacs RPM

    I am having great difficulty installing the thacs RPMS. Everytime I try and install I get a dependancy error and numerous other errors. If I subscribe to Mandrake online is it intuitive enough to know what to install and in what order, or, is it just another repository like thacs and the same errors will occur?


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    try urpmi <name of package> and it should fetch the package as well as all the dependancies.

    If you are trying to update core Mandrake software such as Konqureor and stuff, goto the MCC and goto software management (2nd button from bottom) and select update packages. This will bring up a list of updates from your local ftp server and you can download them. Mandrake will automatically ask you if you wnat to install additional packages in order to satisfy dependancies.

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    I have done that and it keeps saying it needs, for example, I try and install kdebase-3.3.1-7.mdk10.1.thac or kdebase-3.4.0-1.mdk10.1.thac and it say the following packages are needed kdebase-3.4.0-1.mdk10.1.thac or kdebase-progs-3.4.0-1.mdk10.1.thac. I have tried installing those packages individually and every which way possible and I keep going around in frustrating circles.

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