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    what are your sys specs? (esp if using Mandrake 8.1)


    could some of you guys who are running Mandrake 8.1 post your sys specs?

    i am wondering what are the minimum sys specs for decent Mandrake 8.1 gnome speed. atm i am using a p200mmx 32 meg 2.1 gig hdd laptop and gnome is slow as gluey ballbearings..

    what r ur sys specs?

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    Linux Guru AlexK's Avatar
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    When I ran 8.1 ages ago, I had a P233MMX 32Mb RAM 4 G Hdd and I ran faster than Win 98 and NT4. I still have it around somewhere and it outperforms my brothers 800 Mhz W2K machine.

    Although I never really ran GNOME, I always tended towards KDE and it was fast. A suggestion would be to increase the swap space to about 300-400 Mb as i did for that P MMX machine.

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    i MUSt be doing something wrong

    my 200mmx 32 meg ram 2.1 gb hdd is slow like a hog in mud...

    im trying to tweak gnome to make it run faster

    gnome IS faster than kde right?

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    As far as I know, Gnome is more resource-hungry than KDE, when I had 8.1 I only used KDE and it was fine. Why the preference for Gnome?


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    Try switching to KDE and increase the swap space. My claim that the P MMX outperforms my bro's 800 Mhz W2K machine need some clarification.
    1. The P MMX loads things faster
    2. My brother has a huge registry filled with utter crap and the last time I played with it, i lost his work and spend a day getting things stable again.
    3. W2K is a spyware/trojan/virus magnet and thus will slow down any computer
    4. The P MMX cant play any games except for the basic KDE games. It is now used by me to teach my brother the joys of linux.

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    ill try switching to KDE as you guys suggested.

    i think i will have to reformat partitions and reinstall everything to get a larger swap partition. there doesnt seem to be a way to change swap size after install.

    i picked gnome over kde intitially because i read somewhere that gnome was made by developers freely contributing their time and that kde had alot more fiddly bits stuck in to make it look good.

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