I currently use Simply Mepis 3.3 but have always liked the feel of Mandrake linux. One thing that stops me purchasing and installing it is its difficulty in installing Software. I have just downloaded version 10.2 rc2 in the hope things have improved over version 10.1 but again I find some applications i need are missing. One of them is the ability to use XFCE4 as a desktop. On Mepis I simply typed "apt-get install xfce4" & it was downloaded and installed to my login screen where I can select which desktop to use from a drop down selection box when I log in. I went to XFCE4's website which directed me to http://www.eslrahc.com/10.1/ where I downloaded and ran the file xfce-4.2.1-0.1010.3mdk.i586.rpm but during the install it just gave me an error.
When i rebooted mandrake it just logged me in automatically & took me to the desktop so I dissabled auto login but when i rebooted again the log in screen still did not offer a desktop selection box as in Mepis & despite selecting to install all the available desktops (KDE, Gnome, IceWM etc) during the install, I get no option to be able to select a desktop manager from a list at login as I do in Mepis.
Can you tell me if I am always going to have this problem installing other software & if I going to be able to install XFCE4 & select which desktop manger I want to use at login as I currently do in Mepis..