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    Mandrake for PPC

    I have just recently downloaded mandrake 10.1 for the power pc and i am trying to install it. I get as far as the mandrake ppc boot screen by holding down the "c" key while the ppc loads. Once i get to this point if i try any of the commands or just press enter the monitor of the mac just decides to shut off. The mac still seems to be on but i cannot see anything on the freaking screen !! Can someone please help me with this problem ?

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    check the md5sum of the iso to see if the download is corrupt.

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    How ??

    How do i check the md5sum ?? And what exactly is the md5sum ??

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    md5sum checks the signature of the file you've downloaded against a small file that's generated that has the same signature. If the signatures don't match, you know you have a bad download. Mac apparently has this built into OSX. Read about it here.
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    where do i get this md5sum and how do i use it to check my cd ??

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    Exclamation Loading up Mandrake on a 9600/350 PPC

    Hi all,

    Was hoping someone could be of some help. Im trying to load up the PPC version of mandrake 2005 limited edition onto my 9600/350. It has 640mb of ram and a pci mac video card in it (bottom slot) shown in system profiler as IMS,ttl128mbA with a 604e CPU, 1mb of L2 cache. Ihave partitioned the drive for 6.5gb atthestart for OSX, 1gb for OS9.1 and thena 50mb linux partition and another which has the remainder (around 2gb) for linux home. Im hoping to be able to repartition the whole linux partitons when the install is running.

    Ive used linux before, but im no expert. Ihave had ubuntu running on my beige G3 tower before, and I have used bootx before.

    When I put the kernel and image file into the system folder and start bootx it all looks ok, but then it says:

    Warning: unable to open an initial console.
    attempt to access beyond end of device
    ram0: rw=0, want=16400, limit=16384
    EXT2-fs error (device ram0): ext2_get_inode: unable to read inode block - inode=2068, block=8199
    Kernel panic - not suncing: No init found. Try passing init=

    and reboots after a few minutes. I guessI need to know the options to pass to it for my machine, and then once its installed I need some way to copy the kernel over to the mac OS. Is this all correct?

    Can someone guide me a bit pls??

    Thanks in advance (especially from my old 9600 )


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