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    Environment Variables


    I was wondering if somebody could tell me how to set up environment variables in Mandrake 10.1 Official. I am planning to install Tomcat and have installed Java for Tomcat to use. So I think I'll need to set up environment variables for Tomcat to work. Does anybody know how to do this? Thank you so much.


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    If you are using BASH shell ( which in most probability you are )
    then edit your .bash_profile file in your $HOME directory.
    Suppose you want to set environment variable MY_VAR1 as "myusername"

    add the following to the file :

    export MY_VAR1

    mind you, this will set up environment variables only for the current user,
    if you want to do this system-wide, then edit the system file /etc/profile as root,
    in the same manner as above.

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    Environment Variables


    Thank you so much for your reply. With your help, I am beginning to get the hang of things.


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