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    Mandrake and network internet connection

    Well, i installed mandrake on my dell 8400 today (old hard drive went out and didnt dfeel like messig w windows ) well i got my sound problems figured out, but now was wondering how to get it to recognize my network connection. I have a built in network thing on my mother board but also a wireless netger usb plugged in. i cant get either to work. any help on how to get it to work is greatly appretiated. right now im on a 1ghz compaq with knippix STD or w.e. it is called. so plese help Garrett

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    i'm having internet problems as well.. i'm running 10.2 64 bit version.. it will establish a connection, then disconnect and reconnect every 5-10 seconds.. when it disconnects, it doesn't disconnect me from whatever i'm doing on the internet, just pauses it.. its pretty annoying

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    Try disabling the wireless LAN and only enabling the wired one, in some cases that fixes the problem. i.e. unckeck the wireless LAN from the internet connection.

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