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Thread: urpmi problems

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    urpmi problems

    Hey guys,

    I'm new to linux and I have a few newbie questions/problems.

    1. I've installed Super Karamba via urmpi. Everything went smooth and as far as I can tell, the package is installed. My question is...where do I find it? How do I run it?

    2. I'm trying to install firefox via urmpi. I've tried both with konsole and with the GUI installer (rpmdrake..I think its called). I'm logged in as root and I keep getting the error "urmpi database locked". How do I fixed this?

    Thanks for the help.

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    1) good place to start is by going to a console and typeing kar [tab] and if that fails then ka [tab] and then k [tab] to see if you can find what your looking for.

    2) this one is easier. your running 2 rpm programs at once this is why the database is locked close one (kill it if you have to) then try again.

    sometimes it is easier to install from source, but that is a different subject.

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