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    Thank you for your reply.

    It's maybe too late, a friend of mine told me that erasing the MBR, as i did with the command you gave me on linux, there's almost no way to repair it. The MBR is the index of the HD, it says what's on it. Ufortunatedly it's blind and although my data is there i cant access on it. I've already tried Knoppix, Ubuntu and they see no partitions. Fdisk shows the entire disk "empty". But i had backed-up some data to the other PC some months ago and i currently have 90% of my lost data!

    Dont worry, it was not your fault. It was totally mine you told me to backup my MBR before erasing it. I rapidly tried to make something possible so i didnt read entirely your post.

    Well, i've just tried as well the utilities you recommended me but they didnt work.

    Let's see what can i do, if nothing i'll have to prepare myself to accept that i must install windows and linux once again. Ah! the most difficult part to assimilate is that i had my windows completely personalized, take a look at my desktop:

    what a pity!

    See you later

    PD.: So you havent gone yet to the Cervantino? so you currently work at the VW in germany...

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    Your XP-Desktop looks really cool. It is worth to try the 'parted' 'rescue'
    option once before you reinstall all... (What's the apple-symbol for?)

    Your friend is right. Normally, it's the worst thing you can do -
    erasing the MBR, because it contains the partition table.
    (Therefore the backup )
    But due to a bug, Windows XP FIXBOOT is sometimes not able to
    fix the MBR. Than you've got to go that critical way.

    I'd say: There's still nothing more lost than a few bytes in the MBR....
    ...named partition table.

    It is unacceptable to do a reinstall due to a lack of some bytes
    on a 100 GB or more harddisk....

    fdisk can't help you to recover a lost partition table,
    -->but 'parted' can.

    Take the most recent version of repair utilities of the tux RIP project
    I posted you the last time. Even sfdisk could help you. it's part of RIP-Linux.

    It's even possible to recover a FAT-table (though not using parted...
    That has to be done manually with a disk editor.)

    As a last option - it's even possible repairing the partition table manually
    using a disk editor and seeking the begin/end signatures. Never did it myself, but a cousin of mine had a destroyed MBR due to a computer virus infection that zeroed the first 5 megabytes...
    He did it all manually and I'll see him on saturday...
    We will work out a homepage for that kind of problems. But this will probably be too late for you, as I've only got time for those things in the evenings.

    So give me just one more post which way you will choose...
    (Of course, now I'm a little bit curious.)


    I was still a student in '96. So "working" was a little bit exagerated.
    I passed an internship in Puebla in a small enterprise, supplying
    power transmission equipment at low and medium voltage
    for the Volkswagen plant.
    After finishing my studies, I worked for Siemens and later on returned
    to the University...

    Some day I hope to visit Festival Cervantino and also want to visit
    some friends and a lot of other places in Mexico as well.
    This year it is impossible for me but maybe next year.
    (And unfortunately I don't like the flight very much...)

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    Thank you, after spending some hours before my screen i could only rescue my fat32 partition where all my installers.

    I'll now make an image of a new system and burn it on a disk so i can just copy that image, just in case.

    But i'm angry with myself.
    I found in the rescue disk of mandrake the option i was looking for since the first message.

    It seems mandrake makes a backup of the MBR loader and restoring LILO or GRUB for mandrake. So everything was at hand!

    Yes, you just have to insert your mandrake rescue disk (or the CD-installer) and type F1 for more options and (i dont remember what it says literally) there's another option for more help. There you will find "Restore Windows loader", or something like.

    What a pity!

    I'll make up again my desktop. I didnt spend more than 1 hour customizing all the stuff.

    The little apple is the start menu, as you can guess, i customized my windows xp machine to look like a Mac OS X computer.

    Thank you for all your help. You know, my case was a little bit frustrating and i needed help.

    I hope see you later.

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