I just installed my new mandrake distro, and everything went swimmingly (apparently), except for two things: the network and the sound card. I'll worry about the sound card later, but I'd really like my network to work!

The kernel seems to boot up fine until it gets to the network initialization. It seems to detect the network hardware and install the drivers fine, even detects there's activity over the network, but something's still going wrong and I just don't know what it is. If it helps, here's what I gleaned from /var/logs/messages:

network: setting network parameters: succeeded
network: bringing up loopback interface: succeeded
ifplugd(eth0)[1643]: ifplugd 0.25 initializing
ifplugd(eth0)[1643]: using interface eth0/00:50:2C:07:AC:00 with driver <via-rhine> (version: 1.2.0-2.6)
ifplugd(eth0)[1643]: using detection mode: SIOCETHTOOL
ifplugd(eth0)[1643]: initialization complete, link beat detected
ifplugd(eth0)[1643]: executing '/etc/ifplugd/ifplugd.action eth0 up'
ifplugd(eth0)[1643]: dhclient: network is down
ifplugd(eth0)[1643]: client: determining IP information for eth0...SIOCSIFFLAGS: function not implemented
dhclient: send_packet: network is down
last message repeated 5 times
ifplugd(eth0)[1643]: killing child
network: bringing up interface eth0: failed

For what it's worth, I'm running a dhcp network with the dhcp server at, with Cox Communications providing asynchronous dynamic IP cable internet service.