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    Thinking about getting linux and would like to learn more.

    I have never used linux before and from what I have heard about it, it sounds like a great OS for me to use for work. I am in the wireless communications business and need my computers to have maximum efficiency. I heard linux makes your computer faster by taking away all junk that is in windows. Besides the speed of my computers increasing, I would like to know what else linux may do for me.

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    it won't necissarily run 'faster', but definitely more efficiently (though chances are it will be faster). Linux as you probably know is free, and also most distros come with thousands of free apps, most of which are better higher quality than M$ alternatives. The main advantage of linux is the security though, it is almost impossible to hack into a linux system, and even if a hacker did get in, he would have to get root priveleges (not going to happen) before he could really do anything. Other than that linux is just more open and usable all around than windows

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    Combine most of your equipment such as firewall, file server, webserver, router, printserver, DHCP server and stuff into one machine without paying $$$ to MS and other large corporations.

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    Linux will also make you read a lot more documentation and become a much smarter computer user...

    I say, if you are a technically inclined person, you are probably looking at about a month of effort and hard work, but after that, you will love it and never want to go back to anything other then linux and open-source!

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    It is fun. Rather than being stopped by MS about learning how your computer works, the sky is the limit. As it is exciting being a part of a community that puts ideas like freedom and helping, above proftis
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    Re: Thinking about getting linux and would like to learn mor

    Quote Originally Posted by hustlinjustin
    ...need my computers to have maximum efficiency.
    We all do. Once you start getting in control of your linux box, you can tailor your distro to your specific hardware and needs, so that your OS will be optimized for yourself, and then will run better than any MS product.
    For ex, look at that MSN messenger that's slowing down your XP booting time and eating up ressources. Have you ever tried to uninstall it? You don't have any option to do this, you need a hack to uninstall it. Do you think this is normal that you pay for something that is forcing you to use some of your PC's ressources for some stuff you don't need?
    I don't. That's one of the reasons I'm a VERY happy Linux user

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