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    /sbin/lilo -M /dev/hda

    yeah i tried that and read through the info pages. The -M switch tells lilo to install a boot driver in the MBR. For some reason that did not work.

    I looked up error code 99 99 I was getting.I'ts mapping problem. I suspect that when I swapped drives, I put my HDs on IDE1 and my CDROMS on IDE0. My old computer had it the other way around. So i can try opening the box and switching cables or do a new install.

    Qusetion: If I reinstall do i overwrite my configs (KDE prefs etc..)????

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    I would definitely try switching the cables first. You could always try an upgrade install and put the bootloader in the proper spot.
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    AMAZING: I put in a new hard disk reformatted and installed MDK10.0 with lilo as bootloader. the result: error #99 99 99 99 99... on after the bios boot screen. The computer was booting windows before and bios AND Linux recongnize all disks without problem. But something in BIOS maybe is preventing Lilo from kicking in. Linux works fine if I boot from a CDrom and even the root on the HD1 works if I #CHROOT to it.

    What in Bios prevents lilo boot???

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    Does your BIOS IDE settings match what LiLo's settings are.
    I don't understand why they wouldn't match but, hey it is worth a look.
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    Are your drives set to LBA mode in your BIOS? If they're not, you may want to make them LBA instead of AUTO or NORMAL.
    There are two major products that come out of Berkeley: LSD and UNIX. We don't believe this to be a coincidence.

    - Jeremy S. Anderson

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    THAT IS CORRECT A bad BIOS setting prevented bootup. I figured a bad bios setting maybe the culprit since boot error persisted with a fresh hard disk install. I set my HD to LBA and now it boots but WINDOWS only!!!

    Lilo still doesn't show up at boot. Next I tried installing lilo in te MBR with
    #lilo -M /dev/hda then rebooted the computer and windows only again.

    I had already done a complete MDK10 upgrade from the MDK CDROM and configured lilo with drak.

    I even tried grub> and #grub-install /dev/hda (that gives me a ramdisk not in BIOS error-??)

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    Windows boot only problem is solved: I reread Sabin's dilema and it occured to me to check in the install what options MDK offers for the boot loader. I reinstalled with the MDK10.0 then in at final step in the install I checked the bootloader config. A scroll down menu in the installation allows to put Lilo in any partition. The #lilo -A (which showed showed hda1 to be the active partition ) and #lilo -M /dev/hda (install MBR) should have done the trick. But in the end the simplest solution (in this case ) was to do the reinstall with Mandrake's tools. Now when I boot, the familiar Lilo screen appears giving me the usuall boot choices.

    Post scriptum:
    Funny thing: windows rebooted fine after the disk swap to another computer after checking new hardware (missing only a driver for the Intel740 graphics card.) Linux meanwhile rebooted also recongnizing all hardware but oddly enough has a missing ppp module for proper modem dial-up and crashing at startup with KDE 3.2 knotify freezes up the screen. I have to use IceWm for now. But that's for another topic I guess.

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    Good for you your prob is solved

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