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    software installation

    I downloaded some programs from the net that are in a installer.tar.gz format. How do I make these programs run?

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    Check the website where you got the software from; look for install documentation etc... In a nutshell source files provided in tar.gz format need to be uncompressed, configured, compiled and installed.

    So first off uncompress the software:

     $ gunzip -cd software.tar.gz | tar -xvf -
    Then cd into the software directory just created. Then check the INSTALL and README files - these are usually provided by the software author to tell you how to install - make sure to read them!

    But basically after you uncompress the software you run this sequence:

    $ ./configure 
    $ make
    $ su
    # make install
    The configure command will usually take extra arugments (as to where to install to, any extra features you want, etc) - so as I said make sure to read the INSTALL / README files...

    e.g. a good example is ./configure --prefix=/my/install/path to install the software into /my/install/path

    make will compile the softare up; make install (as root) will install the software.

    Make sure to note the ouput from each command, e.g. if ./configure doesn't work then make ain't gonna work etc... You'll need to have a compiler installed (gcc is the usual suspect) and make utilities ; and if the software needs extra stuff you don't have ./configure will tell you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dtodd
    So first off uncompress the software:

     $ gunzip -cd software.tar.gz | tar -xvf -
    can be dome as
    tar xzvf filename.tar.gz
    and for .bz2's:
    tar xjvf filename.tar.bz2
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