Well, I just got Linux today and Im very happy and pleased. Everything is going well apart from the fact that when I play sounds the computer slows down alot. I tried playing a game with sound too see if it was really the problem, soon as the game started my computer flipped out. Nothing works and the screen bearly refreshes. The sound plays, but its all scrammble and goes fast- slow - fast normal slow.
Works perfectly with windows.

From the control centre.

Vendor: ‎Acer Laboratories Inc. [ALi]
Description: ‎M5455 PCI AC-Link Controller Audio Device
Bus: ‎PCI
Bus PCI #: ‎0
PCI device #: ‎4
PCI function #: ‎0
Vendor ID: ‎4281
Device ID: ‎21589
Sub vendor ID: ‎6217
Sub device ID: ‎21589
Module: ‎snd-intel8x0
Alternative drivers: ‎ali5455, i810_audio, nvaudi

Please help.

[Edit] If it helps Im using the Gnome desktop.