Mandrake automatically overwrote the original lan settings with the new ones, so no, I don't have both eth0 & eth1; just eth0. I decided that it was better just to nix my original lan settings and start over, so that I could be sure my info was accepted by Mandrake. Besides, I couldn't seem to write to the /etc/resolv.conf file without the DHCP settings ignoring/overwriting my changes until I set the connection with my router to static.

bogdane, yes, I'm dual booting this machine with Windows 98, and have no problems w/the Internet connection. In Win98 pages still seem to render faster, but at least now Mandrake is more tolerable.

If you're using a router, do as I did, check your router's firewall security logs for the DNS addies. Good luck in your search for answers.

sdousley, thank you for your contributions!