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Thread: Root help.

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    Root help.

    Well, im not sure if i should post this in "Linux Newbie" Or Mandrake help. But Im very new to linux. i've had it about 3 days. I've been attempting to install things so i can learn some commands. Some basic ones at least, And though i can bypass installing in the root folders to do some of the commands i need to install it in a certain directory I cant.

    So, my first question is: Everytime in the terminal i type in "su" to try to gain root privledges.
    Then, it prompts me for the root pass. When i go to type the password it almost freezes up. Like, it wont let me type. Help?

    My second question is just if it's okay to log on as root each time. So i can get access to all the directories and things.

    Oh yeah, And on a side note. How do you take pictures of your screen?

    Thanks for your help, guys.

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    When you log in via the terminal, whether it be with su or otherwise, you wont's see any characters appearing on the screen. And you could log in as root each time, though it isn't recommended for security reasons. Also, you can take a screeshot by pressing the PrintScreen button on your keyboard

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    So, When it seems to freeze up its really typing characters? I'll try it out...Thanks for your help.

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