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Thread: rescue linux

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    rescue linux

    Hye everyone! I'm new in here and also in linux and I have a little problem with my partitions.
    I need to recover my linux partition because I installed windows XP after installing linux ( I knew the rist but I supposed it will be easy to recover by re-installing boot loader LILO).
    this wasn't so simple because a message of error (a long list from which "freeing kernel panic:no init found try passing init=option to Kernel") l appeared and now I don't know what commnads to use.
    if somebody had a similar problem please give me a hint.
    but I'll be greatful if you'll say every step I have to take because I'm quite new in linux. ...10x a LOT

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    When you put your installation cd and boot from it. There should be an option to install LiLo to the MBR. Can you see this option?
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    re:rescue linux

    all the options when i enter the rescue mode are:
    -re-install boot loader
    -restore win boot loader
    -go to console
    -doc: something ...
    I think there is a command in such a way in the console that i have to type
    and i think there somthing fsdisk /mbr i really don't know exactly.
    i also don't know where can i type lilo.conf ( /etc/lilo.conf - i don't know where i can find /etc directory)

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    if you can boot into a linux rescue mode, type the following:
    lilo-install /dev/hdx # where x is the drive letter (a-z), put it on whatever hard drive you did originally
    or you could just use that re-install boot-loader option :P

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    my problem was not LILO's installlation.
    i installed it and everything went wrong. i finally managed to enter lilo.conf, to put there the combinations that missed ( hda6-for linux ) but nothing changed the error that prompt me.
    in concequence i reinstalled linux although i wanted to solve the problem by myself.
    thank you guys anyway and hope you'll help me with other problems that will arise for sure from now on
    keep in touch!

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