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    Cannot boot Mandrake after install

    Hi all,

    I'm a total N00b in linux, just tried my first installs... and I'm finding some probs.

    I wanted to install linux, on a hd with some filez in it, so I partitioned the drive and started mandrake install. It all went fine until the end, no probs, all good. The bad comes when the install tells me to reboot. I do it and pc sais missing OS.... When the install asked me where to put the "boot-whatever-file" I chose in the beguinning of the HD
    I have no clue why it does this....
    I tried the recovery stuff on the install cd, trying to replace the "boot-whatever-file", but still same result...
    can anyone suggest me how to solve this?

    I'm a Pro- N00b, so maybe I did some very stupid ass mistakes... forgive me

    Thx all!!!

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    Try placing the bootloader which is lilo by default in Drake on the drives MBR (Master Boot Record), to do this bootup from the cd and go into recovery and state to install lilo on the MBR and thenyou should boot

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    well, make sure that you're booting to the hard drive that you installed to boot loader (try switching hard drive in the BIOS, you might get lucky). and also, did you tell it to install the boot loader to the boot partition, or the mbr?

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    Wow, superfast replies!! thx dudes!

    ok, I did put the bootloader in the MBR in the first time...seems it is not the current prob... Any other tests to run with Lilo? BTW, I know nothin of lilo, so I will need detailed guidelines

    I also tried switching all options in the boot sequence of BIOS, no change...

    Thx all !

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    Are your drives set to LBA mode in the BIOS? If not, that can cause all sorts of problems.
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    Thx flatline, but the drive is set to LBA, I used to have a windows installation on it, and the drivesize is 20Gig.

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    You never even get the bootsplash where it asks you what you want to boot? If there's more than one drive in the system, you may have put the bootloader in the wrong mbr (did this myself once).
    There are two major products that come out of Berkeley: LSD and UNIX. We don't believe this to be a coincidence.

    - Jeremy S. Anderson

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    I get the "unable to find os" message immediately when bios tryies to boot from HD.

    What I did is to disable all my other drives from bios, so that bios would load only the drive on which I installed linux. during the install, the wizard finds the other drives, but I guess the bootloader was installed on the correct drive, since all other drives don't give me the splash os select message and run immediately on win XP

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    Just wondering,
    I guess it shouldn't matter, but could it also be because the drive is on IDE1?

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    I'll try unpartitioning all drive, and installing it plain and simple with no partitions... maybe this way we can avoid some troubles.

    Will be back online in 20 min... time to install, check if it works, and get back online with xp... we'll c.... but somehow I feel it won't work....

    c ya in 20 min,
    thx wonderful helpers

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