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is it an nvidia card u got as a graphics card? That does sound to me like it's a case of havin to reinstall the drivers. Cos if u go to failsafe mode it (more than likely) wont use the nvidia module, but the default module instead.

If u use an nvidia card, try loggin into the console as root, and reinstalling the nvidia card drivers.
hello i'm a linux noob, command line noob anyway i've been using knoppix so i've never had to really do this before, i just installed mandrake 10.1 on my system and i have an Nvidia card and i am also having trouble getting into the GUI, it says a wack load of error messeges, screen not found is one of them and when i load in failsafe mode and try to startx it says display not found and a bunch of other stuff, how would i go about getting AND installing the linux drivers for my videocard?? if this is even the problem. Oh and when i try to startkde it says myhome is not set and it cant contact kdeinit.