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    Unable to log as root, mandrake 10.1

    Hello hello,

    I'm still a newbie, though I learn a lot, and i have a "funny" problem : I don't find how to log as root !

    For instance, i want to copy some xmms skins into a directory only writable by the root user.

    I know I can get temporary console root rights with the su command.

    But for what i'd want to do, i'd prefer to be able to log as a root user.
    If that helps, i'm with KDE.

    Here is what I have tried :
    - i tried juste in case the login command in the command field, which gave me this error message : No utmp entry. You must exec "login" from the lowest level "sh"
    - I tried checking the options for the root user in the user management panel, But I found no option whatsoever related to the bootime
    - When i close my session, only one user (me, the only user i adding during installation time) is proposed, not the root. I tried keyboard keys to maybe add a way to select the root user, but I found no way.
    - I opened the control panels that required root rights, thinking that meanwhile I might have root rights for everything, alas it was not the case.
    - edit : i had forgotten one thing too, i read on some webpage that a trick was to change/restart the connexion manager (from inside system > connexion manager, switch from MdkKdm to KDM or XDM), and indeed, during that, I have a short time during which I'm asked a login-password, and if I type it at lightspeed it seems i'm logged. But then, anyway, five seconds later a new session begins, and this session is logged as me, as Sabin (in the terminal : sabin@dhcp........), instead as the root.

    Would you know in what way I can log myself as root ?
    Really I'm at a loss. Of course, I have already searched google, but without success; if I had asked every question here before searching in google, i'd have already flooded the whole forum
    Thanks in advance for the suggestions :o)

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    That said, you have control over your system (this is linux after all):

    KDE Control centre
    System Administration
    Login Manager
    Aministrator mode button - type root password
    Users tab
    Uncheck the cross next to root user
    click apply
    log out
    log in - you'll see an option for root user
    There are two major products that come out of Berkeley: LSD and UNIX. We don't believe this to be a coincidence.

    - Jeremy S. Anderson

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    Wonderful !

    Thank you very much, Flatline ! ^__^

    I can imagine, or I think I can, how risky and dangerous it can be for me to log in as root unsecurely.

    But yet, even if it is not advised to do, i guess it's still useful to know how to be able to do that

    Thanks ^__^

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    Remember...friends don't let friends log in as root
    There are two major products that come out of Berkeley: LSD and UNIX. We don't believe this to be a coincidence.

    - Jeremy S. Anderson

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    If you want to do something as root type in the console su and the root password.
    Or go to on the left you see "service menus", click on it.
    Search for the service menus named: "open as root, edit as root" or "do as root".

    But never log in as root.


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    Well, I wanted to copy files into a root-only-allowed folder, and then rename a few of them, extract some of the archives, etcetera.
    Quite a lot of work to do in console mode for a newbie.

    But i'll remember the warnings, don't worry
    Thanks again

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    You can also run konqueror (your file manager) as root by doing the following:
    • First open a console window and su to root
      type konqueror at the command prompt

    Again be careful what you do, it is easy to drag and drop the wrong things to the wrong places.

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