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    Re: Mandrake has announced their name change

    Quote Originally Posted by Flatline
    Looks like Drakebasher may have to change his name
    LOL! My first thought as well. Hmm... 'drivabasher'? No, that doesn't sound good. But niether does MANDRIVA. Their marketing guys must be the same ones that put the Ford 'Nova'* in Mexico!

    The manual that came with my boxed set of Mandrake 9.2 could well have been titled "Mandrivel".

    *(in Spanish 'no va' means "it won't go")
    //got nothin'
    ///this use to look better

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    Mandriva? sounds like slang of "man driver..." Mandrake sounds better more poetic.. and less confusing since Linux has so many distros. Now it as if there is one more distro.

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    What will we abbriviate it as??? MDR? MDV? MRV?

    It boggles the mind!!

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    Well, I remember hearing people speculate about that very name on Slashdot a while back but I didn't think they'd seriously change their name to it...

    Mandriva.. sounds like several things to me:

    a)As someone else said, urban slang for "man driver" such as the sentence: "Ain't no woman in that mug, holmes, that's a man driva foo."

    b)That thing Deuce Bigalow was supposed to have.

    c)Some sort of sexually-transmitted disease, such as "I'm sorry sir, but you've been diagnosed as having Mandriva."

    In other words, they should have stuck to the name of a penguin. The marketing department dropped the ball on this one.
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    I agree changing name is always risky, and Mandrake sounded good. What will happen to all the "drak" wizards?
    But I think it was the right thing to do because of the liability problem they were having with the name Mandrake. I don't think a linux company should make layers any richer, so I'm glad they will stop wasting their ressources in a tribunal and that they can now focus on improving their distro.

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    The new Ford Mandriva! Rear heated cigarette lighters, 'Smart' air conditioning and an airbag for your pet hamster.
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    Hmmmm...... I really liked mandrake and i think i will continue calling it that way

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    Having said that mandriva sounded good, and now 24 hours down the line..... i'm not as keen on it as i was yesterday..... maybe it has a goot first impression, but not so good a long lasting impression.
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    A name that gets less amusing every time you hear the Be Sharpes
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    I don't think the name is much of a problem, i think they should change everything else, logo's website, color scheme. I think there would be more Man"driva" in the corparate world if these things looked more professional...


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