Hi, Im quite new to mandrake. I got this os working, however I've still got one problem which greatly bothers me. The os is working but in order to boot it I have to remove my USB mouse because if I dont the boot loader freezes when loading the system. I tried to set my mouse to USB > 3 buttons and when I do select this option then click OK everything seems to be working however when I re-enter the menu the mouse is set back to default.

Oh and one more thing, about language. I installed the english version of mandrake when I was installing the os. However I also installed polish version to have an option and switch between them when desired. It all worked fine but today in some way the language switched itself. I dont think I changed anything, moreover the language setting in menu>system>configuration>KDE> accesibility > *language* remains unchanged (english) and some of my apps just use polish instead of english. For example xmms or mandrake llinux control center, I found this quite annoying, how can I switch the setting back or set a different language for different apps <- this option would be great because english language pack doesn't support some of the polish latters and displays annoying letts call them "holes" (empty squares) which are amazingly irritating esspecially in instant messaging programs..

Well I'd be grateful for any help, thanks in advance!