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    video editing apps

    I am a newbie trying to convert from windows, have loaded Mandrake 10.1on to a clean system it has pretty much everything I need, quick to learn and works well. But I need to find a solid video editing app. Every app so far has not installed asking for further files to be present and these files then don't install because something else is missing (I understand this is part of the "fun" with Linux). Is there good self contained video app or am I stuck with windows for video editng
    Have tried
    mainactor v5
    kdenlive (included with mandrake)


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    Firstly you should look into urpmi which is the Mandrake package manager, and should download all the files needed (these are known as dependanceis or 'deps'). You can read about urpmi in this software installing tutorial (about half way down is the part about urpmi).

    Now since you want some video editing software, I've heard good things about kino.

    have fun;

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    video app install

    Thx for the reply
    Have tried to install kino and dvgrab which gives me

    error: avc1394.h not found, install libavc1394-devel

    and kino gives me error: avc1394.h not found, install libavc1394-devel

    urpmi tells me everything is installed and also libraw1394 is installed, but I don't understand the devel part of name as there appears to be nothing like this to be installed.


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    Post Lots of them

    Cheer Up Brother, I'm also using linux for video editing! You have Several apps out there...and I'm also a newbie!
    __________________________________________________ __
    This is a easy app. with lot of features...this worked well for me!
    I installed this with Synaptic Package Manager.
    kdenlive | non-linear video editor for kde

    KINO is another app. good if u want to capture from DV Cam.

    Ubuntu:Edgy -

    Cinnelera is another app. but is a bit complicated maybe different for you give it a try...
    Heroine Virtual: Cinelerra

    Pritivi- is nice and clean!

    Diva-nice and clean
    Youtube Demo

    Open Movie Editor-this is ok!
    Open Movie Editor

    LIVES-is basic though
    Screen Shots

    Artistx (its a linux distro just for all studio works)
    official Site

    Elive- a new linux distro!
    Heard this is good for that but i hav not tried
    chk any way

    A list of video editing apps i found in wikipedia

    A poll in Ubuntu on this...but dont tk that as a reason for ur choice try everything urself...its fun and most of them takes very less space and time to install!!!

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    Hi and Welcome esafwan !

    Thanx for posting such a useful info but this thread is pretty old. Please post in a bit recent threads.
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