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    Please Help! Mandrake wont boot!

    Hi, im fairly new with linux and have just installed mandrake 10.1 on my machine. The machine is also running XP SP2.

    All of my mandrake partitions are on a separate hard disk to windows, except for /home.

    The installation of mandrake seemed to go fine, until i found that it lilo wouldnt work (it came up with a load of 7's and #'s or something like that).

    I attempted another install and tried choosing grub bootloader instead.

    Of course knowing my luck I guessed it wouldnt work...and it didnt. Grub also came up with an error.

    Ive thought about making a boot disk, but mandrake doesn't prompt you asking if you wish to create one. I also tried putting the cdrom.img onto a floppy, which doesnt help as thats for starting the installation.

    Now i'm lost for ideas. I just want my bootloader to work

    Any ideas??! I'm gonna rip my hair out soon! lol.

    by the way.. its mandrake 10.1



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    are you saying that you have two hard drivers. One with xp and /home of linux. and the other with swap and /boot of linux. This doesn't seem to make sense to me. I'm not an expert on this but it seems that if you have to hard discs you should have /boot on the same disc as windows because grub or lilo can't find this it can't boot the system. So lets say you have to 80gb hard drivers. Number 1 has 40 for xp. Then you only need about 256mb for boot and 2x the amount of your ram for your swap. Then use other hardisk for your /home partion and remaining portion of first disc for root. This might not be the exact right setup but I think the real problem is that your have grub on your xp partion and not the /boot for linux. You could probably get around this by configuring grub but I'm not sure how. Sorry couldn't be more help.

    there is a user I think his name is nerdello or something like that who is really good at grub look for some of his posts on this issue.
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    Thanks mate. Shouldn't it boot from mbr though?

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    The MBR is the first portion of any disk. I'm pretty sure that only a portion of Lilo is on the MBR and the rest is in the partition containing boot. (hebce having the config files within your normal / file system. I think at least /boot, if not all of the basic root partition should be on the same physical disc. If you were to configure your partition so that /usr and /tmp were not based in the / partition you could probbly keep its size well under 1 GB. If that helps at all..

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    The mbr is present on any disk. Hence, if you install the bootloader to /dev/hdb but your machine is booting from /dev/hda, the bootloader won't show up.

    However, in your case, you did see the bootloader; it just had errors. What was the exact error lilo/grub gave you?

    Before we go nuts, check your BIOS and set your hard drives to LBA instead of AUTO or NORMAL mode.
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    hi, i finally got mandrake working and lilo bootloader. I installed linux on hda instead of hdb. I only have /home on hdb now. Bootloader works fine....

    But now it wont start the network. I have configured it and it even found the driver. but it is refusing to work, along with my sound also!

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