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    help with instaling .rpm's

    i just installed Mandrake 10.0, and whenever I try to install anything it says i need to insert CD 4, but i only have the 1st 3...


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    Hrmm... according to the Mandrake site, you need to pay in order to get the 6-CD version...

    What package are you trying to install? Go and check out:

    And follow that in order to set up your urpmi command. Once you have, download the RPM that you want to install, go to that directory in the terminal, and type

    urpmi will automatically download all dependencies and the like for you.

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    I tried it, got it to work and all that stuff... but it says to still insert CD 4... wtf!

    heres what it said:

    [root@localhost home]# urpmi aim-1.5.234-1.i386.rpm
    To satisfy dependencies, the following packages are going to be installed (4 MB):
    Is this OK? (Y/n) y
    Please insert the medium named "Installation CD 4 (x86) " on device [/dev/hdc]
    Press Enter when ready...

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    at the beginning of the install it asks you which CD's you want. uncheck the 4th CD.

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    In the MCC (MandrakeConfigurationCenter) by software you see a entry called Mediacontrol or something.
    You see CD-rom1, CD-rom2, CD-rom3 and CD-rom4. Remove de V for it.
    Go to easyurpmi and follow the description.


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    1)Open the package manager
    2)Above the box that lists packages, there is an option: All PAckages by Group. Change it to All Packages By Medium Repository
    3) For whatever reason, that seemed to exclude the need for cd4. I was trying to install Bluefish, and it kept saying that I needed CD4. I did that, and no longer had the problem.

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