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    Question : Firefox & Mandrake 10.1

    Hello !

    I use Linux Mandrake 10.1 ..
    And I want to install The browser Firefox ...

    Can you help me please ?
    Thank you !

    I have another question
    How can I write in Arabic under Mandrake 10.1 ?

    Thanks again !

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    Download the linux version of firefox. Go to the directory where you downloaded the file in the command prompt logged in as root. The type ¨sh firefox-installer¨ and follow the installer options.

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    - or you can add the norlug rpms repository to your software installer and use that, if that's more to your liking...

    Worked like a charm for me...

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    About adding Arabic

    first you have to enable Arabic first - within installing process -

    based on KDE, ok

    then KDE menu

    go to your /system/configration/configure your desktop

    keyboard layout

    add arabic, then

    It is done....

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    install FF-1.0.3

    Hi.. two ways to install FF-1.0.3:
    First of all, i guess is better to save your old: prefs.js /bookmarks.html/user.js/userContent.css.... you have in /home/~/.mozilla/firefox/xxxxxx.default/ or where they are..

    - for single user:
    1. launch a konsole.. & move the package firefox-1.0.3.en-US.linux-i686.installer.tar.gz in /home/user:
    mv /where_is_ firefox-1.0.3.******.tar.gz /home/user
    2. enter /home/user :
    cd /home/user
    3. unzip the firefox-1.0.3.en-US.linux-i686.installer.tar.gz:
    tar -xzf firefox-1.0.3.en-US.linux-i686.installer.tar.gz
    4. enter the created folder firefox-installer:
    cd firefox-installer
    5. tape: ./firefox-installer
    ( don't use the firefox-installer.bin )
    6. Follow the installation.. At the finish-install, the browser will be lanched..
    7. Next time, you want to launch the browser, it's better to create a link on the desktop to /home/user/firefox-installer/firefox file (exec file)

    - for every user:
    similar way under root.. but you install in /opt or in /usr/local or in where_every_user_can_use_and_launch_firefox

    For Arabic:
    yes as sad before..
    Perso, I use LateX to create arabic pdf files:
    (a small howto.... to be continued)

    Best Regards
    p.s: .. sorry for my bad English..

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    Thank you very much

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    Firefox & Mandrake 10.1

    I managed to get Firefox installed. Now, I can't create a link to start it. I have to start it from a shell using ./firefox. It's installed in /Home/User/firefox-installer. How can I create a link on the desktop to open it?



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    My advice would be upgrade to 10.2, as this comes with firefox anyway
    Then you can select arabic to install when you upgrade.

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