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Thread: account expired

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    account expired

    i get the following error

    " Account expired please contact your system administrator "

    as far as i know im the only one i d/l the 3 cd's and installed and had used the login before. However my KVM switch went bad and i put the linux machine on the shelf for about 6 months and didnt use it, i started it up tonight and it wont let me in. I try to use the Login=Administrator and my password but the login screen shakes its "head" and goes back to my screenname. any help or ideas???

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    You're trying to login as user "Administrator"? O.o

    Login as root and use the "useradd" command to re-add yourself.

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    cant do it from the GUI i tried and ive looked through all 92 pages of posts and none tell me how to login as root from the GUI

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    You have that evil "Choose your user" one where root isn't available. Ah, yes.

    Well, you can go to the terminal and run useradd manually from there (run "man useradd" to check out exactly how it works), or you can boot into the GUI. Just don't surf the Internet or anything like that while logged in as root.

    To boot into the GUI, first boot into the terminal.


    vi /etc/inittab
    Find the "id:5:initdefault:" line, and change the "5" to a "3". Reboot.

    When you reboot, you'll be in the terminal. Log in as root, then type "startx". You will boot into the GUI as root.

    Once you're done with everything, change the "3" back to a "5" and reboot again.

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