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    This is a reverse of what everyone else wants - REMOVAL HELP

    Inherited hybrid PC formerly running w2k and Mandrake 9.2

    My uncle never got Mandrake to work right so figured he uninstall it before handing over.

    This action has left a bootloader in place that is making me so mad.

    On PC start up, it does BIOS, DMI check then I get a blue Mandrake screen offering

    linux enterpris
    linux notf b

    if I don't select windows, it goes thru a linux load upto a point then hangs.

    How do I get this boot screen off my PC without del'ing the whole drive.

    The thing is, I may wish try to install linux but even trying a reinstall or repair of the old 9.2 o/s fails so I can't put it back, can't use it & can't kill it.

    Plz Help !


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    if you just want windows for now make or use a win boot disk or get to a dos promt and type fdisk /mbr or fdisk /MBR

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    Put your windblows CD in the drive, when it boots up, select repair windows (or something like that), follow the on screen instrucions, and when you get to command line, type fixmbr

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    Quote Originally Posted by junme
    if you just want windows for now make or use a win boot disk or get to a dos promt and type fdisk /mbr or fdisk /MBR
    Totally Sorted
    Thanx B 2 U 4 helping

    Had a few tramblies when the Boot AV screamed at me but I allowed it and all was fine

    The w2k kept coming up with Found New Volume messages and reboot a zillion times


    Here I am all clean & spangly

    BTW, any advice on Mandrake 9.2 install

    I have 9.2 ( 3 disks ) but there is a problem with a few corrupt files apparently at the end of disk 2 ????

    Also, is Mandrake the best or just the easiest for Linux Virgins ???

    Thanx Again

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    Mandrake is considered to be the easiest distro for those new to linux. However, Mandrake 9.2 is considered to be a newb killer. Now sice, you say that you have corrupt files at end of disk 2, you should get the latest Mandrake (either 10.1, or Mandriva 2005).

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