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    Mandrake MNF problems

    Im using Mandrake MNF (multi network firewall) as a primary firewall and gateway for my network. And i've run into a big problem that i cant find any answers to why it is happening.
    I cant surf to some web-sites. There are not many sites that i cant reach. But some of them i used to visit regulary before. Even with the mandrake MNF as the gateway and firewall. But, if I place my web-browsing computer alongside with the firewall (in other words i give it a own public ip, and it does not use the firewall as gateway nor its Nat and firewall) everything works fine as it should do.
    So i wonder if there is something to the nat that could do this? Anyone got similar problems or know solutions?

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    Which version of MNF are you on? Not the MNF2-Beta2? Since it is a Beta, you should then downgrade to the released version.
    However, have you checked that your have turned of transparent proxy?
    Since that could give you some time-out problems, specially if your MNF HW is rather old and slow.

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    Also, there was an MTU bug in MDK 10.1 Community that prevented random sites from working. If you're using 10.1 C, you'll need to upgrade.

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    I've downloaded the MNF when mandrake was at version 8. So its based on the mandrake 8. But wether i use it as it is or i'll update it to the last packages that i find for mnf, i still got the same problem. Some few random sites does not work. I got the proxy turned off. I've acctually tried to turn of all unnecessary services and stuff and allow all trafik from the local area net machine, adn ive even tested to let all incoming trafik foreward to the web-surfing machine. But neither did change anything

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