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    long windoze filenames in linux

    when downloading, for example, attachments in email that were created in windoze,
    my Linux will shorten the filename, including removing the file extention.
    how can I either enable the long filename support and/or have it preserve the extension?

    thanks for the help!

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    Try archiving your attachments first. Put it in a .zip or .tar.gz file. This will preserve the directory structure (if it's a folder) and any file names/extensions of your files.
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    Huh!?! Sounds like you are saving your attachments into a FAT-partition.
    Since EXT2,EXT3,ReiserFS is much more better than FAT-32 or NTFS to handle long file names. So you should check your partition table.
    Unless it is your software that do the truncation for you. Try to issu this command from a shell
    touch my-very-long-file-name.with.double-extension.or-should-I-say-tripple-extension.txt
    If you don't get any errors from above command, check that your file exist as above named by simply issue command "ls". If this works, then it is your mail software that has the error, if you get a truncated file name, I must say that you have successfully installed your Linux upon a FAT-partition.

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    you're right it is the mail program.
    I am an ASS to assume it was linux.

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