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    Installed 10.1, can't login


    Just finished installing mandrake 10.1 official. When asked for root password I selected "No Password". On next boot it asks me for a password, and wouldn't login on blank password. What to do?


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    If you are a bit familiar with Linux, you can run the installation CD again, but now choose "rescue" mode. When you have successfully booted up, you will get into a command shell, without any needed passwords. Check your mounting table with command "mount", can't remember straight off exactly where your root partition will be mounted, but I think it is at /mnt
    anyhow, get into this directory and into the underlaying "etc" directory where you had your partition mounted. When inside this directory you will be able to edit (with your favorite unx editor) the file "shadow", it will be in read-only so make sure you change it with command "chmod u+w shadow" before you start edit the file, find the line where "root" is set
    Remove everything in between the first two ":", DO NOT leave a space, it shall be empty. Save your file and quit the editor.
    Re-type the command "chmod -w shadow" and the reboot your system without the installation CD.

    Easy and much more time consuming way, re-install your system once again, but then this time, do set a password, because you do not want a Linux system connected to any kind of network without a password to user "root". Just imagine, how long time will it take untill your system is hacked!
    Probably less than 1h.

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    Tried it, didn't work. Must have done something wrong. Just reinstalled, everithing works now.


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    reset the password of root

    I want to reset the password of root.
    I am using Mandrake 10.1.
    When I enter as "linux single" asks for password.
    What I must make?

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