Hi. I'm trying to install Mandriva LE2005 on my old Sony VAIO desktop (PCV-90, 128 MB of RAM). I went to a mirror and got boot.iso, which burned fine and comes up on the Sony. But when I tried to set up the network by choosing DHCP (which apparently Road Runner, my ISP, uses), it would wait for a couple of minutes, then time out with the message "No DHCP reply received." I tried fiddling with the "static" option, but no luck (DNS wouldn't resolve and whatnot). The cable modem Road Runner has me using is an Ambit wireless thing, which has two Windows-based PCs running off it with no problems.

I used the burns of 10.1 (3-CD public version) to try to install that with the intention of upgrading to 10.2 (or even just leaving it alone), but just before the package selection screen, it would give me a "1 fatal errors in rpmsrate" message and send me back to the disk partitioning screen. So if this Road Runner thing won't work for installation, maybe someone could help me solve THAT one.

I'm getting frustrated. I thought Mandrake was created to be more user-friendly...

Thanks in advance!