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    10.1 install error message - translation required

    I hate to ask but have looked around and not found any relevant info, so....

    I finally got the r10.1 3 disk d/l ISO's ( after getting the DVD ISO and it fails to run - yes, I burned it as per.... ).
    I run CD1 at boot and get install screen...being a newb I hit enter and let it do it's thang......

    In a flash of deja-vu ( 9.2 on my old PC used to grind to a halt, too ) it gets so far before stopping....

    after getting bored ( 5 mins ) I had a skeg around and foud the following messages
    ( only put the last ones 'cos they're either the root or the last known step before it died ):-

    proceeding, please wait

    <3>drivers/usb/input/hid-core.c usb_submit_urb(ctrl) failed

    running: /usr/bin/insmod_ /tmp/usbhid.ko

    Can anyone help in determining a plan of action:
    what do these modules do?
    is there a way to bypass it?
    what can I do to fix whatever it is stalled doing?

    Unlike M/S Win???, I was under the impression that I didn't need to disable stuff in BIOS or remove cards.
    Any idea if it is a device conflict ?
    Which one?

    Anything you can suggest is greatly appreciated.


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    OK got to the bottom of things - a search popped the acronym 'hid' as Human Interface Device and it all became clear.

    Have a Chicony USB Wireless Keyb & Mouse

    Swapped out for a hardwired and hey fandangle we are installing

    now just need to find drivers for my USBHID and I'll be a happy bunny

    not holding my breath tho'

    anyone with location of drivers, please post

    many thanks

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