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Thread: Tiny Fonts In X

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    Tiny Fonts In X

    I recently tried to install a second graphics card (an S3 verge) and linux detected the graphics card an installed drivers as expected. However when i then booted mandrake and started xWindows (StartX from command line) all the fonts were unreadabley small. The second graphics card was just a spur of the moment experiment and I have since removed it.

    By guessing my way around menu's i managed to find a font box for something, turned that particular font right up and it was just about big enough to be readable. Is their away i can get my fonts back to normal size from command line?

    I have tried reinstalling mandrake but apparently it kept my existing X configuration file.

    thanks, Ben.

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    Goto the commandline and run the commandline X-server configuration program, the commands are xf86cfg and xf86config, the latter just generates a new config file while the first runs a semi-text windowed configuration program to create a new one. Try both and see what you get.
    EDIT: Boot into text-only mode, or else these tools will complain that X is still running. So don't use virtual consoles.

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    You will need to edit this file
    Just open it like this
    vi filename
    Type " i " to bring you to INSERT mode, make your changes, hit ESC to bring you to COMMAND mode. Type "ZZ" to save yoiur work.

    Hope this helps.
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