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    Some Newbie Questions

    Okay... here I am, once again trying to figure out Linux. I have some general questions. The following questions regard Mandriva, latest version as of this post.

    First, is there a list somewhere of all installed software, and a list of instructions on how to completely uninstall said software?

    When installing new software, is there a checklist somewhere of everything the shell script did during the install?

    Is there a way to shut off text anti-aliasing for only font sizes 13 and under? Reading all that smoothed text is painful, but I very much like it for size 14 and up.

    These are major, major issues for me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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    manrake control center, under the software option gives you an option to install software,
    when you look at the list, all it shows is stuff that is not yet installed. the remove option only show software that is currently installed, and if you check the "maximum information"
    box it will show you the paths to where all the neccesary components will be/ are installed.

    I cannot help with the text issues, sorry

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    As far as the "checklist" goes, you shouldn't need to worry about it as long as you use rpms to install your software. Go to and configure some urpmi sources (I would recommend at least setting up plf and contrib) and there will be very few programs you can't install via the software installation tool in the Mandrake Control Center.

    If you want to install from source and be able to track what has changed and have a good method for uninstall, try using the checkinstall utility.
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    Thanks for the help. I'll look into all this.

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