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    question on dial-in users not able to browse the Internet.

    I have successfully installed 10.1 with a standard security, eth0 with static ip connected to my DSL modem using PPOe DHCP, eth1 with static ip of, Configured Internet sharing without a hitch in GUI. I want also to let a friend to dial-in so that he too can have at least browse the web. I have installed and configured mgetty and ppp and my friend wa able to dial-in but my problem is that it canot browse the web. I look at the /var/log/messages file and notice that the firewall is denying all traffic coming from my ppp dialin port. I am not so familiar with tansparent proxy through firewall... help please. I have spent 4 days looking at the forums for answer that is why i posted this already. By the way i have given the ppp client the same ip segment with my eth1 and still the same. Thanks in advance.

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    I think i have to live the way Linux users behave i was so disappointed that nobody replied to my question..... i've been seeing a lot of replies saying look at the how tos and other post and replies. I think i have to extend my patience in searching for answers. Thanks to aioshin and ather05. My dial-in server now works fine!!!!!

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    Sorry you didn't get a reply to your question. I think it might have been too tough for most people that look at the Mandriva forum and maybe you would have gotten a better response in the Networking forum. If I understand, you have high-speed internet access and you have set-up your system so that your friend can dial your telephone and then connect to internet through your gateway? Very cool.
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    Thanks for the info.... a lot of people in europe, us, australia might wonder why not just get a dsl or a cable modem and fireup your internet access.... the truth is in this part of the world, South East Asia, facilities for data access is a not always available and when it does it is not cheap!!! Thanks for at least noticing my post and my own reply! I will try the Networking forum if i have some question again regarding networking issues.


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