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    I thought that this might be an interesting topic to start for people who have just switched to Linux.

    If you know of a Linux software that is easy to install (I mean easy as in "Double-click setup icon"; "software is now ready"), then please let us newbies know.

    Please, many of us are trying to get used to command line again (looks a bit like Dos, doesn't it?) and some, up to now didn't even know it existed.

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    If you setup urpmi correctly, you can MCC to install software with the click of a mouse.

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    easy software

    the software issue was the only thing that kept me from using linux full time for a couple of years. when I discovered the easy urpmi page at...
    this solved all the issues I previously had and paved the way to pemanently discarding the increasingly vile heap of twitchy, spastic code and pretentious, pompous assumption that is windoze. It's sad to think of how many years I spent learning windoze programs and defragmenting. had I been studying Linux I would be so much further ahead... but it's never too late to start.
    the urpmi does have some issues in it's self such as specific server availability, but this is easily remedied by choosing another server from a list of many.
    the major software issues for newbies surrounding linux is, as far as Im concerned, solved.
    I think the lock-in effect on windoze users is the obstacle, not the effectiveness of linux.
    I've heard of other software installation methods in linux aimed at making to easyer for noobs, can anyone expound on the pros and cons of these various approaches?


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    Most RPM packages can be installed in KDE by d-clicking them, typing in the root password, and letting it install, that's for most, but OpenOffice need multiple packages installed at once, as do some other RPM's so watch out, because the X-RPM Installer can't do multiple RPM installaion's, so you can't often update you libraries that need newer versions of ohers to function properly w/o using the CMDline.

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