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    Good Ole L 99 99 99 99

    I am running two seperate hard drives. One has windows 2000 on it and the other has Mandriva limited edition 2005. Since I am new to linux I was confused at first when it came to setting up the bootloaders. I finally got it working, I set it up so that if I put the floppy bootloader in it boots linux and if I don't it automatically boots Windows. This worked fine for days and I went to restart today and I got the L 99 99 99 99 error that is much talked about on these forums. I am not sure why the sudden problem so I put in my Mandriva DVD and was just going to create a new bootloader disk, but everytime on the upgrade install it skips over the bootloader part and there is no way to go back. Someone please help out this newbie and if you know of anything that may have caused the bootloader to suddenly not work please let me know so this doesn't happen again.


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    Nevermind I got it, within the last step of the install when you can change things in the bootloader for some reason it had switched to booting from the Hard drvie B instead of the Disk, all fixed

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    Maybe you could take the entries tat are on the floppy, and put them into your LiLo bootloader.
    Then run /sbin/lilo to activate the changes.

    If you are going to keep using the floppy as a bootloader, I would make an a extra copy or two. Floppies are notoriously unreliable.
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