Linux-newbie here, and forum-newbie too

Problem is the Nvidia-driver for my GF4 works, but when I log out to switch user for example all I get is black screen with lots of white stripes and strange characters. Disconnection my TV-out cable makes it work, but I dont want to do that cause I use it in Win XP (dual boot on separate drives here).

I've tried all the solutions out there for this famous Nvidia-problem to get the Nvidia-driver to work in my Mandriva 2005. I've edited the xorg-file in tens of different ways, trying to disable the tv-out, but nothing works. Trying to enter the TV-out setting in the graphical menus dont work, it just wont enter there.

Someone told me a thing that might might work, but I dont have the knowledge to try it out. Trying to set my TV in a dual monitor system. Not to use it, just set it up and maybe it might work. What do you guys think, and if its worth a try how the heck do I do it