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Thread: Apache Help !!!

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    Apache Help !!!

    I am new to apache and I need to know how to set up the httpd.conf file. Can anyone help me out here please ?? I Just need to know what to put in here. And if possible can someone also help me learn apache ... This would be very much apreciated. Maybe just give me some tutorial sites or even some administration manuals online.

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    There are lots of Apache tutorials/guides. Look at Google or Google For Linux.
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    little more help than that

    Don't you think I tried that ? I looked all over the place and I can't seem to find what i'm looking for. Can someone please give me more info ? Help me a bit more than that please.

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    Hi - (you might have tried this already too - if so apols.)

    The best place I find for this sort of info be ; you can search for Apache parameters from there and gain a full understanding of what each means....


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    You're telling us "I don't know what to put in it", well, it all depends on what you want to do with it!

    Most of the Linux distros already have Apache working.. with the default config of course. Also, if you're experiencing problems starting the apache service or something, post the errors.
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    I just need to know how to set it up. The entire thing for a specific site. I need help with the entire thing I am totaly new and I don't understand the stuff on that stupid apache site. Maybe someone knows where I can get an apache guide or administration handbook online ?

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    the instruction on the apache site is a little intimidating if you've not had much experience in a gui-less program. If you've installed from RPM chances are the default configuration will suit your purposes for now. you DO need to read some documentation though, and do not just
    write it off as useless to you if you don't understand. Apache was the first program of this type I ever learned about (and I'm still learning)
    the " document root" where you store the web page files you want to serve is going
    to be at /var/www/html or something very similar
    you can type "http://localhost" into your address bar in a browser to test to see if it's
    installing apache with a mandrake RPM ia as easy as apache will ever be (at least for he next year or two) but walking you through it is not something anyone could do for you in a reasonable , efficient manner via a forum.
    I bought "apache server for dummies" book cheap used and it helped alot but
    installing it via RPM in mandrake makes quite a bit of the instruction unnessecary.
    good luck
    you CAN do it!

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    Which distro do u have? Because in most distros apache has been already configured. Just type in your web browse http://localhost and it launch the default page, which is in /var/www/html/. Then you can remove those files and replace them with your ones.

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    Apache 2.0 Vhosts with IP Addressing (FC3)


    I agree that the Apache Server is a bit confusing, especially to someone who's a total noobie (like I am) and trying to run it through a linux distro for the first time. Plus, the configurations differ depending on your required use of it all.

    Here is a link that will help you decide, and lists procedures for both Name-Based addresses for virtual hosting and IP-Based addresses, as well as the commands for the configuration file(s)...

    Another thing I have learned is that things differ from what distro of linux you have, and if it has the Apache server bundled with it. (Plus I found that USERADD and ADDUSER are not different, they both use the same code).

    I think that some people just want to run it to serve websites they are working on, for example, they have a few PCs on a home network with a router, and wish to access the apache server by using different names via IP addresses. This is what I want to do at this time, anyway, to learn, and then use the DNS later for actual registered domains.

    I'd like to have addresses such as:

    And have it end up in the users public_html directory.

    Plus it helps to know what exactly you are using so I am posting mine here:

    Fedora Core 3
    Server Install (Bare Bones minimum, no GUI)
    Apache 2.0

    And also, I have seen how the PATHS and Directory structures DO differ depending on this info! So, you may be getting the right commands and steps to take, however, you MAY need to look about to find the correct paths and directories specific to YOUR systems setup.

    I also wish to add that I would like to have for each of these sites a cgi-bin, which takes yet a bit more configuration and work I realize. And I also need to make the differentiation or similarity of using ADDUSER and creating these as a HOME path/directory and having Apache use that situation. Which also involves adding that user to the "apache" group, as stated in the config file I believe.

    So, if ANYONE can help give THOSE straight-up, step-by-step directions, I and others after me would be GREATLY appreciative!


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