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    No response to Mandriva Silver Club membership purchase

    On 1 May I paid by credit card for Silver Club membership at Mandriva web site with the understanding they would email name/password.

    I have not heard a word from them since, despite several requests via their "contact" means at the Mandriva web site (four times). I even went so far as to obtain a new email address because of rumors that Verizon was blocking emails from domains in England and France. Still no response.

    Before I complain to my credit card company about an apparent deadbeat organization I would appreciate any advice on this situation.


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    mandrake/iva support

    from what I know mandrake/mandriva has always lacked seriously in the support dept.
    my first distro, 8.2 I bought because I needed the help.
    When I finally got in touch with someone, the guy I talked to said that he had never heard of anyone wanting to have linux dual booting with windows and that that was such a oddball
    setup he could'nt help me and that I needed to talk to microsoft!
    the few attempts I made afterward to contact them ended with me being put on hold for 20 min then disconnected with no email contact ever. later I read some other reviews of mandrake and was not surprised to hear that their service was notoriously bad.
    this may have improved since that time, alot has happened for the beter with mandrake since then, but the impression I've gotten is still that they are terrific at making a new-user friendly linux OS for the desktop, but wothless on supporting it.
    online forums as such seem to be your best bet for support... and they are free.
    I would hope to be proven wrong as to the current usefullness of their support...
    please post if you find it to be effective.
    I would probably try to get my $ back.
    good luck

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