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    Xorg problem on fresh 10.1 install

    I just installed Xorg over ftp using the mini-cd. I selected for it to install gnome and kde and set up the x-server. After the install it booted up perfectly. But when the x server started all I had was a blue backdrop, a clock, and a ruddy basic left-click menu. I tried to click xterm but nothing happened. I've reinstalled a few times using different options on package installation to no avail. What could I be doing wrong? =o(

    AMD XP 1900+
    1gig DDR 333
    Nvidia GeForce 4 ti 4400
    Triple boot Mandriva, XP, Longhorn

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    sounds like the xserver is starting without a default xwm setup. to setup kde to automatically start you need to go to your home folder in the command line interface. for example if your user's name is john go to /home/john. Now, you will need a file .xinitrc, so ls -a in order to check and see if you have that file. If not create it with your favorite editor and run this command: echo "exec startkde" > ~/.xinitrc. After that you should be cooking with gas .

    These are the exact commands in case you are unfamiliar with cli.
    cd /home/john
    ls -a
    (if no .xinitrc do the following)
    nano -w .xinitrc (if nano is not preset substitute with pico .xinitrc)
    ctrl-X (hold control and hit x, yes, save file)
    echo "exec startkde" > ~/.xinitrc
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    Well, apparently neither of those are present on my system because it's saying that it's not a command. Are they installed by default? Because I just went with the default install with Xorg and KDE this time.

    Sad, I've been trying to install Linux off and on for over six years now (since I was 14). Maybe I'm just an idiot when it comes to Linux, or perhaps I'm just doomed to Windows.

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