I've seen around the forums that a few of you guys read the excellent Linux Format like myself...I noticed a comment that I wasn't sure about in the review. I had LE 2005 befre the release of the Magazine, and so was more interested in the other articles than the LE2005 review. However I got to it over the weekend and I noticed that it says drop shadows and translucency are back ported to LE but disabled by default.
there was a screenshot but I'm not too sure - The disks do not include xcompmgr, transset or kcompmgr. I'm not sure how to enable this composite stuff, I've added the "composite" option added to xorg conf, but without xcompmgr and transset, or at least with the KDE controls it's not much use.

Anyone confirm/disconfirm translucency/drop shadows in LE?

Failing that can anyone tell me how I should go about enabling it normally?