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    Please help me!!!!

    I got sick of Windows and decided to plunge into the LInux world. I love what I have seen now that it is installed but I cannot figure out how to install new software. I downloaded libdvdcss and macromedia flash and cannot see how to use the command prompt that they give. I go to "menu" and "run" but that does not work at all.


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    if the files are in the *.tar.gz form, type
    tar -xzvf *.tar.gz
    into a terinal, then type su and entery yor root password,
    now type cd /name of diresctory
    then type ./configure or ./Configure
    then make
    and finally make install

    if the files are in rpm form, type su and enter your root passqord, then type
    rpm -i *.rpm
    See the site you downloaded the programs for more info on how to install.

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    I'm getting "No such file or directory"

    I suck at this

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    btw it won't let me into the root folder if that helps.

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    Alright, I'm gonna assume that the file is in the /root directory. We're also gonna pretend that the filenames are:

    libdvdcss.tar.gz or libdvdcss.bz2 or libdvdcss.rpm
    flash.tar.gz or flash.tar.bz2 or flash.rpm

    Change these to whatever the actual filename is.

    Do this in a terminal:

    cd  &#40;cd without a directory moves you to the user's home directory, in this case, /root&#41;
    You are now in /root. Now, the following commands are if the file is in .tar.gz or .tar.bz2 formats:

    tar xvfz libdvdcss.tar.gz <-- If a .tar.gz
    tar xvfj libdvdcss.tar.bz2 <-- If a tar.bz2
    cd libdvdcss
    make install
    tar xvfz flash.tar.gz <-- If a tar.gz
    tar xvfj flash.tar.bz2 <-- If a tar.bz2
    cd flash
    make install
    If the files are in .rpm:

    rpm -i libdvdcss.rpm
    rpm -i flash.rpm
    You can, of course, pick and choose if the two are in different formats.

    Hope that helps!

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    Sweet thanks for the help.

    One more problem is that I tried to put the file in the "root" folder and it said I did not have enough permission to do so.


    p.s. I know dealing with newbies must be a pain so I thank you a lot.

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    in mandrake, a better way to install rpm file is urpmi command. type urpmi and the filename in the shell after su-ing in.
    regarding the permission problem , one way is to change the ownership. Go to the directoy in the shell. then after becoming the root, type chown xyx( the name of login who wants to access the file ) and then the file name. after this, use the chgrp command instead of chown.
    another way is the chmod command. Go to the directory in the shell . Type chmod 755 filename. (to know whether permissions and ownership have changed, type ls -l )
    hope this helps

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