I want to use urpmi (also ftp alone would be nice) but unfortunetly i'm connected to the internet via localproxy , that means that i have on my server working proxy (tqrecv) which redirect all traffic to HTTP or SOCKS5 , that's configuration of recv.ini :



All clients in my net in all progs has to enable connection via proxy :
host : (<- IP server)
port :9202 (for HTTP) / 9203 (SOCKS5)

And without that running in backgroud proxy I HAVE NOT CONNECTION TO THE INTERNET !!

My question is how can i configure ftp in linux (MANDRAKE 10.1 Official)
As i said before i want to use URPMI , but now i don't know how :/

When i type :
# urpmi.addmedia main ftp://anorien.csc.warwick.ac.uk/Mand...586/media/main with media_info/hdlist.cz

it will never connect :/

Please anyone can help me ?