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    Hard drive full error

    Okay, I'm new to Linux, so this problem is really beyond my knowledge at the moment. I have four hard drives mounted in a box that I've been using as a file server. Lately, the disks have started giving me disk full errors even though there is plenty of space, sometimes as much as 100GB. I deleted some files from the windows box that is networked to it, and some from the box itself. I emptied the trash folder, so there is nothing there. What am I missing to get the Linux to free up all space? BTW, I'm running 10.1 if that helps.

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    Remeber that each disk might have several partitions, it could just be that one partition is full, even tho there is still space on ither partitions on the same disk

    try typing

    df -h
    in a terminal and that should show you the useage of each partition on the system. Thats assuming you can still boot into linux? I think once i had problems cos my /home partition was full and so x couldnt start...

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    I thought that might be it, but I had set up the drives as one partition each. When I ran

    df -h

    the most any of the partitions were using was 69%. The rest were 60%, 40%, and 31%. I've also checked the permissions, and they seem to be correct also.

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