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    Strange things happening with konqueror. Please Help.

    I am unable to access any files or folders using Konqueror when logged on as a normal user. If I click on any folder icons konqueror attempts to load and the button displays the revolving egg timer on the taskbar for half a minute and then dissappears without loading konqueror. However if I log on as root and start konqueror from shell it loads up and works fine.
    I suspect it may have something to do with me trying to load a macromedia flash plug in recently which was recommended from a webpage and which was unsuccessful (wish I'd never bothered!)
    Any ideas as to how i can get konqueror working normally again would be greatly appreciated.

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    Have you tried another file manager, Krusader for example? Do you have the same problem there?
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    as I don't have another file manager installed. I'm running Mandriva 10.1.

    I can run mozilla firefox web browser ok though.


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    First thing, run Konq from the command line and see if you get any specific error messages.

    Second thing, as a last restort, you can delete your user profile for Konq and start over.

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    I just had this problem recently also, and it was due to having just installed a USB Smartmedia card reader. There was a "runaway" process in KDE that was sapping up 70% or more. Apparently it's a bug in KDE with USB readers.

    check out that's where the guys 'round here sent me. I ended up disconnecting the reader when I'm not using because I don't use it often. Another solution was to use GNOME, or Nautilus File Manager. You'll get it though. (I am using Mandrive 10.1)

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    Sorted it out now.
    Yes it was the USB card reader.
    Now all working fine.

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