I've just today installed Mandrake 10.1 (the Mini version) and already I've come across a problem that pretty much stops me dead in my tracks. I installed LILO onto the MBR and it gives me four options:
linuxfb (or something similar)

Now, Windows loads perfectly fine, I get errors with the other three though. Loading Linux seems to work at the beginning but after the loading bar is finished, I get a black screen with lots of pixels up at the top (all different colours). Loading the other two is just a command-line interface but they both freeze on the line:
ACPI: IRQ SCI: Edge set to Level Trigger

I'm assuming, with the problem loading the first Linux, that it must be something graphical. If you need to know, I'm running an Acer 3201XCi laptop, Centrino 1.5GHz, Mobility Radeon 9700. If there's anything else you need to know, tell me and I'll post it here.
Any help with this would be appreciated, though.